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Uncle Hyena

Found, Dumped, Watched, Bumped, and Amused

That which was lost has been found: My obsession to refuse to accept that the D&D white box was gone until I had personally checked all of the boxes paid off; Dementia didn't know quite what it was she was looking for. Here is a picture of $40 worth of RPGs, purchased during December of 1976: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v373/unclehyena/DDGroup.jpg

There is still some sorting to be done, but the spare room is now a mostly serviceable home office; Ed (hemothedrow of LiveJournal and MySpace) came by on Friday with a dump truck and helped me haul out some 800 pounds of miscellaneous trash, all of which had been in that room.

On Friday afternoon, we went out to see "Happily N'Ever After", which was mindless and fun. The movie aspires to little, and accomplishes its goals.

On the way from the theater to Target, we were rear ended while attempting to make a right turn. Oh, joy. The damage was minimal, but it still required half an hour of standing around in the cold and rain, with more inconvenience to come. Rah.

Finally, we have this ( http://www.morningstar.nildram.co.uk/A_New_Sith.html )(courtesy of DarkWolf69 of LJ), which explains that Ben Kenobi really DID have a good reason to lie to Luke when they first met in "Star Wars". It's fun to read, and funny. I only wish Lucas had that much talent as a storyteller.

Uncle Hyena
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