Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Crocodiles, Fish, and Stairs

I am a sucker for crocodile stories, so on Wednesday I saw "Primeval". The film is much better than its reviews, though not necessarily good; it is a B-horror movie, and rises above expectations; it even manages to twist the form a bit, by giving us a genuine monster, and then showing us a human who is a worse monster. The biggest problem with the movie is that the idiots from marketing decided to hang all of this "serial killer" crap onto the main title and the ad campaign, and it just isn't in the film, otherwise. (By the way: There really is, or was, a more than 60 year old, more than 20 foot long croc known as "Gustave" in Lake Tanganyika who had a documented taste for big pink monkeys, but he hasn't been seen since 2005 and is presumed dead.)

On Friday was saw "Catch and Release", an odd film that straddles the line between romantic comedy and drama quite nicely. Of course, being between classifications, the critics hate it, but the actors are engaging and the characters are well drawn, and the movie is fun to watch.

After the movie on Wednesday, I fell down the stairs... I tripped and started down head first, managed to reverse in mid air, and grabbed the upper banister. This resulted in me sliding down the stairs on my heels and land more or less softly; I hyper-extended my right shoulder, abraded my right elbow pretty well, and generally beat up my right hand (It takes something more than 200 pounds to force my hand open, and that happened three times in less than two seconds...). This counts as "normal wear and tear" around here, but... Ouch.

Uncle Hyena
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