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Uncle Hyena

Pan's Labyrinth, and the Usual Drivel

On Friday we saw "Because I Said So", a family comedy with a great cast and a mediocre script. Diane Keaton was irritating as usual, but for the most part the movie delivered on its promises.

On Saturday we saw "Pan's Labyrinth", which was fascinating. Dementia found it more disturbing than I did; we were both unhappy with the way the Second Trial played out (the main character committed an act of such gross stupidity that it rather destroyed our sympathy for her, for a while...).

During the small hours of Sunday morning I burned a couple of hours producing a bit of Neopets-based artwork; it is far more interesting for the method of production than for the content. It was sketched with blue dry erase marker (not having a black one handy) on a white board, scanned, and then redone and colored in MS Paint by a left-handed "artist" using a mouse in his right hand. All things considered, it came out pretty well...


My first thought on awakening at 10:30 PM on Sunday night was, "Oh. They lost." Because, given my neighborhood, I WOULD have been awakened by honking horns (and possibly gunfire) if they had won. Every year I vaguely wish someone would release a DVD (or formerly, a tape) of the Superbowl commercials, so that I could watch them without bothering with the game. I'd happily pay ten bucks to see them, because they are interesting, just to avoid having to fast forward over the damned football game (something I can't be bothered to do, actually). TV commercials generally interest me a great deal more than ANY pro sport...

Uncle Hyena
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