Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Movies and Malaise

On Saturday we saw "Dream Girls"; it had good music, a good cast, and amazingly bad pacing. It proves once again that Eddie Murphy is a pretty good actor when he isn't writing his own material, and has a director who is able to make him work.

There was a new Masterpiece Theater presentation of "Dracula" on Sunday night, and I really, really wish someone would just film the story as Stoker wrote it, and stop adding weird wrinkles. This one added syphilis as a plot point...

By the way, since I haven't said it this year: I HATE February. I don't ALWAYS get depressed in February (and don't talk to me about SAD; I work nights, and never see the sun anyway), just nine times out of ten, and this year is DEFINITELY one of the nine. Dementia's pending unemployment doesn't help, of course, but mostly it is that I am tired of the cold and it is freaking FEBRUARY. (Emotional Blackmail Day is not really an issue, either; Dementia doesn't care, so I don't have to. Though diamond ads ALWAYS make me gnash my teeth...)

Uncle Hyena
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