Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Astronauts, Terabithia, and More Werewolves

On Friday we saw "The Astronaut Farmer", a heartwarming libertarian fable. It was fun. Afterward, I blathered at Dementia about the basic impossibility of launching from and returning to Texas in so few orbits, and about the problems of reaching LEO with a single stage rocket. During that discourse, Dementia turned to me and said, "So it's like Amundsen's sled dogs?" I grinned, and started to laugh, because of course she had gotten it exactly. I love my wife...

On Saturday we saw "Bridge to Terabithia", and liked it well enough, though it wasn't at all the movie I was expecting, or the movie that had been advertised. It is not really a fantasy story at all, just a coming of age tale with a lot of time devoted to the power of imagination. The part of Leslie required a definite radiance that AnnaSophia Robb actually HAD, all probability to the contrary.

Following "Blood and Chocolate", I read two more werewolf themed novels, "Moon Called" and "Blood Bound", both by Patricia Briggs. These are first rate contemporary fantasy novels; they get as much right, and less wrong, than the early Anita Blake books (a series I once loved have since stopped reading). Read these books. Really.

Uncle Hyena
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