Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Premonition and Seelie Court

On Friday afternoon we saw "Premonition". I really like Sandra Bullock, and this movie had much to recommend it, but in the end it didn't really work. It's actually a time travel story, and time travel is hard enough to sell when the writers hold to a fixed set of rules; that is not the case here. One gets the impression that the writers wanted to say SOMETHING, but never quite figured out what. The journey is moderately interesting, but it needs a strong ending to pay the freight, and there isn't one.

On Saturday evening we did something that we had never done before, singly or together: We went to a tavern on St. Patrick's day. The focus of the journey was a band called Seelie Court; some of my on line friends love the band, and it sounded like a fun outing. So we went, and stayed through a set and a half, and had a very good time. I remain convinced that the only way to really enjoy live music is to crash the band's rehearsal space, but it was fun anyway.

More about the band here: http://www.ilevel.net/seelie-court/

And while I am at it, more about the pub (which was a cool place) here: http://www.doylespubrocks.com/

Uncle Hyena
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