Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Four Moives

Namely, "The Last Mimzy", "TMNT", and "Shooter" at the theater, and "The Departed" on DVD.

"The Departed" is endlessly dreary. My favorite moment of the movie was a screw up; a character is thrown off a rooftop and lands at DiCaprio's feet, and the blood splatters before the body actually hits the ground. It's a cheap pleasure, but pretty much the only one in the entire dreary mess. Good acting, good dialog, high production values, fundamentally lousy story.

"The Last Mimzy" is a decent children's movie. It's very green, and we had fun watching it, but it was largely forgettable. And "mimsy" is an ADJECTIVE, dammit.

"TMNT" was a hoot and a half. Dementia and I have been on the TMNT train since the first issue back in 1984, and the characters are old friends. Peter Laird, writer of the original series, was heavily involved in this production, so they got the important stuff right. The visual effects were state of the art but not ground breaking; the movie was just FUN.

"Shooter" is a decent thriller. Lots of complications, lots of things blowing up, lots of highly improbable but barely sort of possible escapades. We enjoyed it. The real revelation of the film, though, is that it is about the workings of shadow agencies within the US government, and the FBI COOPERATED with the production. Yes, the FBI came off pretty well in the film, but the idea that they would earn an acknowledgment in a film whose main message is, "Trust no one" is fascinating.

Uncle Hyena
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