Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

"Disturbia", Among Other Things

We saw "Disturbia" on Saturday; it was fun. Yes, it is based on "Rear Window", but that doesn't mean much (Did Shakespeare actually conceive of ANY original plots?); the movie is, in sequence, about one third John Hughes, one third Hitchcock, and one third Roger Corman.

Decent trailers with "Disturbia" were for "Stardust" (which looked GREAT, even though the original Gaiman story left me so cold I never finished reading it), and "Resident Evil: Extinction", which is another entry in the "Milla Jovovich blows stuff up" micro-genre (which I happen to love; I am not proud of this, but neither am I inclined to apologize...).

On Friday night we watched, among other things, the first episode of the new Kristana Loken vehicle "Painkiller Jane". It was tolerable; some pointless childhood sequences were added on top of the original comics story, but they didn't actually HURT anything. We will keep watching it, at least for a while; the show has a sense of humor, which goes a long way toward making it interesting. This make FOUR "dark supernatural detective" shows in production at the same time; I LIKE this trend...

Uncle Hyena
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