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Better Lucky Than Good

Terry Rossio, one of the writers of "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End", has been making it known that the final production script of the film (as opposed to a transcription of the final film) contained many hints, and even one full scene that detailed the possibility of breaking the curse of the Dutchman's captain. The idea was that if, after the first ten years of Jones service, Calypso had been faithful and met him as planned, he would have been freed from his service. The story goes on that because Elizabeth DID meet these conditions, Will was freed from service and returned to mortality after ten years.

All evidence of this foolishness has been removed from the film, so apparently Gore Verbinski allowed the silly scene to be shot to shut Rossio up, and had no intention of ever actually letting it go public.

I am VERY relieved; as a folklorist AND as a storyteller, I find Rossio's version of things OFFENSIVE. While Rossio's version might be emotionally satisfying to a certain segment of the audience, it just makes no sense. To make things REALLY short and simple, without getting tangled up with the Dutchman, Will was DEAD (or utterly doomed, even if he didn't die). Because he was tangled up with the Dutchman, he gets to spend a few days with Elizabeth over the next several decades. This is a deal that most dying men would jump at...

Here is my version of the story of Davy Jones, extrapolated from the facts in the three films, with an eye to The Way Things Usually Work.

Davy Jones, mortal, and Calypso, goddess, fall in love. This is a problematic relationship, given that consummating it likely to kill Davy outright. Calypso has a solution, though: She offers Davy a job. He can escort the dead of the sea to the afterlife. The job pays immortality and one day of vacation every ten years, during which the two of them can have non-fatal sex. Presumably he got his first day of vacation up front...

Ten years later, Davy gets another day of vacation, and Calypso, being a sea goddess, has been distracted by something shiny, and misses the appointment. Davy is so heartbroken that he sells Calypso out to the Brethren Court, and then concocts a ritual in which he removes his heart from his chest to ease his pain. (A bit of unpublished background: He ties the succession of the captaincy to his heart at this time as well.) Davy also stops performing the function of his office, which results in his gradually becoming less and less human.

Now... Where in all of this is there any indication that there is an escape clause in the job of captain of the Dutchman? Where is there even the possibility of an escape clause, particularly for someone who took the job to avoid immanent death?

It is fairly clear that whoever was responsible for the integrity of the legends in the PotC series, and they are fairly well integrated, that person was NOT Terry Rossio.

Besides, the Happily Ever After if Will WERE returned to mortality would be just a little odd... "Retired demi-god seeks employment as blacksmith; skills somewhat rusty." I just don't see it...

Uncle Hyena
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