Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Saved by "The White Board"

I worked last night, and at about 6:00 AM I was tired, grumpy, burned out, and vaguely self destructive. That is, self destructive in the sense that I was REALLY tempted to march down to my boss's office and tell him Ten True Things. (If it's not clear: I can probably get myself fired on three...)

I was saved by reading something like 350 episodes of "The White Board", a furry Alaskan paintball web comic which is even stranger than that description suggests (Read it!).

After work I went to see "Mr. Brooks", a movie with a very clever plot and a good cast playing unlikeable characters that REALLY needed a competent technical advisor.

Tomorrow I head to Rend Lake with the kayak for a messabout. I am less than thrilled by this prospect, but I think I will get over it...

Uncle Hyena
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