Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Too Awful to Not Share

It started out as a conversation about the relative intelligence of rabbits (below both geese and rats), and segued into a discussion of tool use by wild animals.

"Dolphins don't use tools, though, do they?" Dementia asked.

"On the contrary," I answered with a straight face. "Dolphins have been known to take long strands of seaweed and weave them into elaborate knotwork."

"I've heard of those," Dementia said. "They're called 'Kelpic Knots'."

I stared at her as my jaw sagged slowly to the floor. I blinked. I kept staring. Eventually, I said, "I think that just broke something in my brain."

Dementia just smiled.

Uncle Hyena
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