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Conversation, and Movies

Dementia: Do you know where I can buy symbiotic clothing?
Hyena: There's a web site called, "City of Brass", but they only sell will call.
Dementia: I was afraid it was something like that.

(It turns out that someone has actually built a site at www.cityofbrass.com that, well, go look at it...)

My solo movie on Wednesday was "Hostel: Part II", encouraged by a friend's positive review of the original "Hostel" and a rather nihilistic mood on my part. There was less blood and more plot than I expected, and a couple of moments I really enjoyed. This is NOT a movie for the weak of stomach, though. And I got a good laugh from the credits when a certain character (who had no lines) turned out to be called, "Mrs. Bathory". OF COURSE she was...

On Friday we saw a double feature of "Nancy Drew" and "Ocean's 13", both of which developed exactly as promised; if you liked the trailers (or in "Ocean's" case, the previous movies), you will like the movies. If not, not. "Ocean's" is full of fictional terms for various con games, some of which work and some don't, but it was just fun that Dementia turned to me at one point and whispered, "That was 'Two Brothers and a Stranger', wasn't it?" I nodded and grinned. The classics still work, and that one has been around since about the day after "commerce" was invented...

Uncle Hyena
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