Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

One More Day...

A few things went as planned today; several others didn't.

Started the day waiting for the gnomes to show up to continue the electrical work; I showered, got bent, came home, still no gnomes. Dropped off Xmas gifts for Alaska relative, and went south to meet lassarina. Picked her up after some confusion, then went to FINALLY see Dementia's new office, then took 'Rina to Gullivers.

Good food, great conversation. Conversation was a bit shallower and more game-oriented than on Friday with celeloriel, but no one but me would notice, and that only because I am comparing the two. I have some thoughts as to why, but I will keep them to myself (or perhaps discuss with 'Rina or 'Loriel...). Yet another friendship to cultivate and hold on to.

Returned 'Rina to her home after nearly three hours, then headed off to Castle Clueless. Learned that Karmann doesn't bother to put clothes on when no one is around, something I REALLY didn't need to know. Clueless was more or less sober, though it would seem that he has abandoned all but the vaguest pretense of going 90 days without alcohol. Ah, well.

Down in the basement of Castle Clueless, the gnomes have MISERABlE colds, so are not going out for a while. I wish they had called, but such is life.

All told, a long and largely pointless day, EXCEPT for three hours of good conversation with an attractive young woman, which pretty much pays the freight. ::grin::

Uncle Hyena
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