Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Memes and Motels

Absurdity first: I am heading up to Wisconsin on Thursday, and can't find a place to stay in Minocqua that has on line reservations that will let me book a room. I suspect that if I drive through mid-afternoon Thursday something will present itself; if not, I may have to continue on to Ashland. Note to Universe: You are messing with my spontaneity. Stop!

In other news... There is a meme that has been going around that takes the form of "Sixteen things I would tell myself at sixteen." I have read a few of them, and thought about it...

I wouldn't have much to say, actually. Most of the stupid things I would have liked to avoid have had long term consequences I would not have wanted to miss. Most particularly, if I had stayed in school and had discovered a meaningful career path (the latter not terribly likely in any case) I would never have met Dementia, and that is not an option.

It IS interesting to visualize popping back to July, 1972, and trying to engage the me-who-was-then in conversation, though. And it is more than a little bizarre to try to figure out what HE would have thought of ME.

Uncle Hyena
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