Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Minocqua, Ashland, and Ironwood

I got out of Waukegan at about 9:00 yesterday, and got to Minocqua a bit before 3:00. I had a bit of trouble finding Mutt because Yahoo LIED to me... Collected Mutt, drove to Ashland, met her friend Will and the three of us had dinner at a GREAT pub called "The Deep Water Grille and South Shore Brewery". Then we migrated to Ironwood where I found a hotel, and then Mutt and I watched Will not put up the SCA lists for today's Ironwood Ren Faire. I recited "The Great Smoke Off", to the bewilderment of many. And then I drove Mutt back to Minoqua in the pouring rain, and then back to the hotel in Ironwood. Nothing like quite driving for three hours in heavy rain on unlit two lane roads at the end of a long day... Amazing how a single experience can be both soporific and terrifying.

Still, much good conversation was had, and it was fun. 500 mile days are LONG, though...

Today I will tour the wildlife rehab clinic where Mutt works, and then head east. I hope to end in the vicinity of the Mackinac bridge tonight, and then on to Traverse City in the morning.

Uncle Hyena
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