Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Chains and Free Meals

I am one hour into a fifteen hour shift, on the second day of a seven consecutive day stand (I came in three hours early tonight so my partner could go home and watch pay-per-view cricket...). If you're bored and up late, CONTACT ME! Else I shall likely melt into the keyboard, which will make my supervisors unhappy.

This past week's meetings with celeloriel and lassarina were such an unqualified success that I have decided to take steps for more of the same. Starting on January 14, my week will end at noon on Wednesday, and since it really isn't safe to go home (Dementia cleans on Wednesday night; if one is not unconscious, one is best off elsewhere), I want to try to have THINGS to do on Wednesdays for the next several months.

So... PLEASE contact me and book a Wednesday afternoon/evening with the Hyena. Food is on me; any place within about an hour's drive is definitely fine; beyond that (Chambana or Madison, with Rockford a maybe) will require an overnight (floor or cheapish motel; I only mention it because it requires more planning). And of course if you happen to be in town briefly, you will rate special treatment.

I would love to meet all of the local people (at least) on my various journals sometime this year; those of you who are more seriously out of town pretty much already know you are welcome anytime (but call first; Dementia is heavily armed, these days, and doesn't like surprises).

Uncle Hyena
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