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We saw "The Bourne Ultimatum" yesterday; it is decent, quite in keeping with its predecessors. The best moment in the movie is a smirk from Julia Stiles... I will say that if I really believed that the US government was THAT good at spying on people, I would be REALLY worried, but my faith in bureaucratic incompetence protects me.

I realized something during the movie; at one point I turned to Dementia and said, "It's another chase; either they will kill [character] or they won't; I am going to the washroom." The point of this is that high end movies have gotten so good at special effects that I don't really care about them any more. I still care about visual images, but chases for the sake of chases, no matter how complex or apparently dangerous, are just DULL. On the other hand, a tense walking pace sequence in London's Waterloo station was just GREAT, in spite of the fact that the level of surveillance being used BROKE my suspension of disbelief.

The trailer string consisted of SEVERAL "US Government Gone Wrong" thrillers, which amused us greatly...

In other news, a bit more on Derren Brown: Dementia asked me on Thursday afternoon if I wanted her to tape "Mind Control" for me, since I would be asleep when it aired; I told her not to bother. It is intriguing to me that, now that I am convinced that the illusion behind Brown's tricks is his repeated claim to NOT have psychic abilities, he ceases to have entertainment value. Clever manipulation of the environment to achieve unusual effects is fascinating; multiple acts of mind rape masquerading as stage magic are not.

Uncle Hyena
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