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Bad Review

In April of 2006, I put in what was going to be a brief appearance at OpCon (a one day con run at a local high school), and was on my way out the door when I was asked to emcee the auction. I was flattered, and agreed. I have attended a few auctions, but don't enjoy them, and had never paid much attention to OpCon's. It is a charity auction, so there is a minimum of paperwork; people bid, win, pay, and go on their way.

I introduced myself by reciting "Fortune's Toy", which takes about 65 seconds, and then charged in; I did my best to keep people amused, and energy levels high, and I thought it went pretty well. I certainly enjoyed myself.

This April, I showed up at Opcon while the auction was in progress; the emcee duties were being performed by a pleasant but awkward woman whose name I tend to forget, and the auction was rather comatose; it made me wish I had gotten there sooner, and taken the job again.

Yesterday, I stumbled across the following, which had been posted a few days before this year's OpCon:

"After last year's debacle involving Paul Haynie hosting what used to be a fun live auction originally hosted by Doc Passavoy(sp?), I have volunteered to do the honors this year and have been assured that I will have two lovely cross-dressing assistants for the occasion. So you'll all get to miss me looking stupid in public, but I think I can most certainly avoid the ridiculous poetry readings and effect a somewhat better crowd control."

I am somewhat amused at the disparity between our perceptions of the event, but am also more than a little upset at the apparent venom in her words; it would seem I have offended her personally (there is another hostile reference to me elsewhere in the post, because I would apparently fail once again to bring Makoto to the event).


Uncle Hyena
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