January 1st, 2000


Table of Contents

I have decided, having a permanent account and all, and being too lazy to actually build a real web site, that Live Journal would be a good place to stash the various things I have written over the years in a way that other people can find them.

Paul (Uncle Hyena) Haynie

February: Storybook Orc ( http://unclehyena.livejournal.com/2000/02/ )
This is the first arc of a now-discontinued novel project set in the world of Grandilar, setting of the Dragonstorm game from Black Dragon Press.

March: Poem Cycles ( http://unclehyena.livejournal.com/2000/03/ )
1-8: Sabbat Cycle
This is a sequence of eight poems, one for each of the Celtic holidays. There are composition notes with each poem.
10-20: Firefly Cycle
This is a series of ten poems (plus an introduction on March 10), one for each of the major characters of Joss Whedon's "Firefly" TV series (and also the feature film "Serenity"). The tenth character is, of course, the ship herself.

April: Fan Fiction ( http://unclehyena.livejournal.com/2000/04/ )
1-4: Mage Knight Stories
Three stories (plus an introduction on 4/1) set in the universe of the Mage Knight games from Wiz Kids.
5-7: The Switchblade Papers
Two stories (plus an introduction on 4/5) set more or less in the world of Classic Star Trek.
8-9: Firely: Triage
An introduction (4/8) and a story (4/9) set in the world of Firefly.
10: A link to a VERY silly (and short) piece of Tolkein slash.

May: Hyena Filk ( http://unclehyena.livejournal.com/2000/05/ )
Odds and ends I have written. For my purposes, a poem is "filk" if I started with a melody and wrote the poem to fit; if I wrote it as a poem and later found a melody to fit it, that is another matter altogether.

June: Miscelaneous Poetry ( http://unclehyena.livejournal.com/2000/06/ )
Things that don't go into one of the other categories.

July: Original Short Fiction ( http://unclehyena.livejournal.com/2000/07/ )
"Valedictory": Medieval: Love and honorable death.
"Under the Wolf's Head": Fantasy: Orcs with honor.
"The Spider and the Widget": Cyberpunk: General nastiness.
"The Girl on the Hearh": Cinderella, with some twists.
"Heart's Desire": Modern Fantasy.
"Oasis": Gnoll (antropomorphic hyena) fiction.
"Fool's Wager": Paladin v. Sorceress.
"Gnollwalker", "Politics", and "Turning": The continuing adventures of Cynthia from "Oasis"
"Barefoot": An encounter with Signe the Valkyrie.
"The Chase": Artemis redefines herself; Signe the Valkyrie narrates.
"Puritan Blood": The origin of Rehoboam Kane.
"Solutuion": Nasty, brutish, and short ecoterror.
"Jasper's Journey": A rather flaky take on apotheosis.
"The Oakbridge Oak": (Zhanh's Wanderings) A wandering magician goes out of his way to save a thing of beauty.
"Knives and Fiddles": (Zhanh's Wanderings) More on the main character from "The Oakbridge Oak".
"Opening the Cage": (Zhanh's Wanderings) A sequel, of sorts, to "Knives and Fiddles".
"Horror Stories": (Zhanh's Wanderings) Still more involving these characters.
"Alicorn Harvest": (Zhanh's Wanderings) How Fiddler became a dagger.

August: The Dungeon (fragments and unclassifiables)( http://unclehyena.livejournal.com/2000/08/ )

September: Non-Fiction ( http://unclehyena.livejournal.com/2000/09/ )
"Thoughts: September 12, 2001"
"Monuments": Yet another take on 9/11.
"Overpass": Me, a bicycle, and a couple of roads.
"Saint Crispin's Day": My annual Shakespeare toast.
"Looking Down the Barrel": Guns and politics.
"Here There Be Magic": Thoughts on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
"A Brief History of Gnolls": As it says. (Currently locked, because it has been SOLD!)