Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Appropriately Titled

On Tuesday I felt like seeing a movie, and watched "Stardust" again. It lost nothing on re-watching. When it was over, I was overcome by a fit of nihilistic optimism, and watched "Superbad".

I have NEVER walked out of a movie in my life; it just isn't my style. I came close to walking out of this one, just because it was BORING. Gross out humor does nothing for me; it is impossible to gross me out visually, and beyond that... I am not sure if the abysmal performances turned in by the two lead actors were their fault, or the director's fault; the other actors manage to sell most of their lines, so I am inclined to blame the actors. In either case, the two leads fail to sell something like 95% of their lines; the performances are below the level of most high school productions. The fat guy is loud and hyper; the skinny guy is nervous and quiet; that is the whole of their performances. It's just... sad.

The second funniest line in the movie ("We could be that mistake!") is in the trailer; the funniest line ("Not AGAIN!") is almost lost in the sound of breaking glass. I'm not sure there WAS a third funny line...

Nihilistic optimism, by its very nature, is almost certain to lead to grief...

Uncle Hyena
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