Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Mary Poppins Metaphors

We saw "The Nanny Diaries" this afternoon. It was VERY good. Scarlett Johansson is both sympathetic and well played in the lead role; Laura Linney is delightfully hateful as the neurotic witch Johansson works for, and the movie is generally fun to watch. The "anthropology field report" conceit gets VERY old, but the Mary Poppins metaphors pretty much make up for that. The CHILD even comes across well, which is saying something, considering we had JUST finished lunch at a restaurant full of screaming children ("Really, Ma'am; you could just toss him in a five gallon bucket and hammer on the lid, and everyone would applaud...").

Of course, my approval is probably the kiss of death; Johansson's previous movies have been one of: financially successful, critically successful, or something I enjoyed...

On the way out, we wasted a few minutes talking to the utterly charming young thing who was serving as ticket warden. She admitted to having loved "Hairspray", which led me to ask what she thought of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"; she hadn't heard of it.

"It's a musical science fiction/ horror spoof with lots of trans-gender content," I said. Her face lit up; I left her a card with the name of the movie written on the back.

Another young soul corrupted; I feel so proud.

Uncle Hyena
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