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Uncle Hyena's Journal
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Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Time Event
GaryCon, Sick
When last we left our intrepid blogger, he had not particularly enjoyed "Burt Wonderstone". Being more than a third of the way there anyway, and having nothing more pressing to do, I dragged Dementia up to Lake Geneva and registered for GaryCon. Ran into Tom Wham, determined he had an open spot in his 10 AM game. Went home, watched television, got up early, did GaryCon, worked two days, got sick, and have spent the last several days lying around the house wishing it didn't hurt to breathe. So... GaryCon.

Pulled into the parking lot at the stroke of 10:00, found the last spot in the lot in a remote lot that just happened to put me into the building in the same room where Tom was holding his game. Claimed my spot, had a bio break, and played Tom's "Feudality" with Tom, Scott Felton (best known in these circles as EGG, Jr.'s room mate), and a few other people.

Tried to check in with Dementia, found that Virgin mobile was playing games with me. Checked in with the help of the concierge.

Made a pass through the dealer's room, promised myself I would check in again after next game. Ran into Scott in the restaurant, had lunch with him. Flirted with the cute blonde waitress.

Learned that the cute blonde waitress was 15. Went off to have my brain scoured.

Back to Tom's table, played Tom's unreleased "Dragon Lairds in Space" with Tom, Scott, and three new friends: Leo S., Steve E., and Steve's daughter Linda. (Later found out Linda was ALSO 15, but I had been on my best behavior already; one brain scouring a day is plenty, thank you.) Four hour game ran past closing time of dealer room, Drat!. Good game anyway; it helped that I won.

Hung out with Steve and Linda, talked Tudor history (he runs a giant AH "Kingmaker" game at conventions, sometimes). Had house pizza delivered to table.

Joined Steve, Linda, and Leo for a game of "Are You a Werewolf?" I have been curious about this game; I helped the villagers lose, and decided not to play the next round. Probably a bad choice. Wandered a bit, went home.

Life goes on. But my lungs still hurt...

Uncle Hyena

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