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Jian v. Katana (and Jessi)

On Tuesday I got up early and mowed the lawn, and then rewarded myself for that foray into responsibility by spending the afternoon at the cinema; I saw "War" and "Rush Hour 3", both movies which happened to feathure a duel between a combatant with a katana, and one with a jian (Chinese long sword; Tai Chi sword).

"War" had an interesting plot and a good cast, but suffered from overly energetic direction: Quick cuts, odd angles, and tight close ups might make the fights a little more exciting (maybe...), but they waste any physical talent the actors might have; with a good stunt crew, a DUMMY can be made to look like a competent martial artist with those techniques. Given Jet Li and Jason Stathan, they are just irritating. And the idea of using depleted uranium bullets and titanium shell casings in a HANDGUN is just stupid. The sword duel was good, though; Li obviously knows how to use a jian, and the fellow with the katana was using kendo/kenjutsu techniques, so that minute of the film was really interesting.

"Rush Hour"... I LOVE Jackie Chan. He is charming, and amazing to watch in motion (though age is no doubt taking its toll; he is older than I am). Chris Tucker, on the other hand, is WORSE than a hole in the screen; he is aggressively irritating. The story and direction both seemed to favor Tucker over Chan, which was a shame. The out-takes, as always, were great. And the sword duel was pretty much just two people with oriental swords flailing; Chan is so much more interesting with improvised weapons (random junk) than with a sword...

On Wednesday I had lunch with my friend Jessi, who was in from Idaho for what is likely to be the last time in a long while; the purpose of this trip is to get her parents moved out of Illinois. Jessi and I go back nearly 11 years (since she was a sophomore in high school), and it is always good to visit. Jessi... GETS things that a lot of other people don't, and I wish I could see her more often. It was a good visit, but I am paying for it in fatigue, now...

Uncle Hyena
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