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Uncle Hyena's Journal
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Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

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Random Bits from Facebook
August 1:
Forcing customers to listen to repeated ads for on-line banking while on hold due a an on-line banking system crash is NOT a good strategic option.

August 1:
Three hour conversatonal lunch with Douglas R Reno this afternoon. I have known him for more than half his life; this is the first significant one on one time we have had. There must be more.

August 2:
People who fear strong AI are looking at the wrong problem. The greatest threat to the long term survival of humanity is, and always will be, humanity itself. And if our bequest to the universe, after we have destroyed ourselves, is a species of self-replicating, rapidly mutating, possibly hostile, probably aggressive robots that carries our memory to the stars, well...

That which is remembered, lives.

August 3:
Currently consuming "Norse Mythology", by Neil Gaiman, as an audio book. I am almost certainly going to start over again from the beginning once I finish it.

August 5:
My brother Pete has been running a monthly poker club for his friends and neighbors for about 15 years; I have been part of it, when I was available, for about eight of those. I quickly learned that playing the best game I could wasn't really any fun; it required too much concentration, and too much stress. Not caring at all is better, but not entirely satisfactory. Last night I tried a different approach; I added role play to the equation, and tried to act as if I cared, even if I didn't. I played better than I have in years, and had more fun that usual, too.

Sanity Optional R Us...

August 6:
Steampunk day at Bristol today, also the last Bounding Main show of the year. We went, and managed to catch Bounding Main twice, and catch Dark Fairie Tales, and catch the Shanty Shipwreck Show. Along the way, I did hawks for all three pickle vendors, and told the story of Hob Gadling to a barmaid. A good day, but long and busy.

August 7:
Let's hack the internet a bit, shall we? As of this moment, Google comes up wth NOTHING (of significance) if you search for "Palladian Owl". If you look for "Palladian", you find that the word means "related to the goddess Athena" (among other things). If you search on "Athena's Owl", you get pages of images. This is WRONG. So... The photo below, which is of an Athenian Tetradrachm (or more likely, a knock off), is titled, "Palladian Owl". So the phrase will now exist in at least one place associated with the appropriate image. If you share the image, with the title attached, there will two (or three, or four...) So... Let's fix the universerse a bit, shall we? There is so much that NEEDS to be done, and this is trivial, but we can DO it. And that is something.

August 9:
The worry in repairing the raccoon hole is that one or more might have been hiding inside. 24 hours later, the motion sensors haven't tripped, and we haven't heard any scrabbling noises. So I think we are good.

August 9:
Life in my household:

The recorded TV program ended, and the machine popped back to the "recorded program" menu, which was empty. And Dementia said, "There's nothing left to roll." And Hyena laughed long and loud. The phrase would NEVER be used around here literally, but it IS a very specific literary reference. The idea that anyone, ever, has used Shel Silverstein's "Great Smoke Off" as a literary source amuses me immensly. Even if it is entirely my fault.

August 11:
There are few things that disturb me as much as having a person for whom I generally have intellectual respect zealously adopt a logically untenable concept. (If you think I am talking about you, you are probably wrong. If you think I am talking about you AND you know the topic in question, you might not be a zealot after all. And for the record, this is a generic response with a specific recent trigger.)

August 12:
Life in my household:

Hyena (In response to a loud, THUMP! from the kitchen): What was that?

Dementia: Bambi versus Godzilla.

Hyena: Oh. (Dementia kills her own bugs...)

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