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Death at a Funeral

I don't LIKE the Lincolnshire IMAX; it is overpriced, and some years ago, the management was rude to me (I was accused, briefly, of sneaking into a movie I hadn't paid for...), and I am REALLY disinclined to forgive commercial establishments. Still, it was the only place around showing "Death at a Funeral", so we went yesterday...

I have said a few times, lately, that Dementia and I don't really LIKE comedies, and this film puts the lie to that; it is outrageously funny, and we loved it. Perhaps the difference is that movies like "Knocked Up" and "Superbad" involve obnoxious people doing stupid things, while "Funeral" involved decent, reasonable people doing stupid (but understandable) things under extreme stress.

Maybe that's the key; "Funeral" didn't even TRY for a laugh in the first half hour or so; it took the time to build characters and get us engaged with them, so that we CARED when things started to get STRANGE. (Hint: Never, EVER, stash your hallucinogens in a Valium bottle.)

The movie is just GREAT on pretty much every level, though I have to give special mention to Alan Tudyk (Hi, Wash!) as a nervous solicitor who has an encounter with the aforementioned Valium bottle. Find it (or at this stage, make a note to rent it) and watch it. You will be glad you did.

Cinematic novelty: "Stardust", which has been one place behind "The Simpsons Movie" in the rankings since it opened, managed to hang onto the bottom of the top ten, while "Simpsons" fell off the chart. Perhaps more interesting, "Stardust" experienced NO fall off this week, selling as many tickets in its fourth weekend as it did in its third. This is rather bizarre, and kind of cool, though "Stardust" is still a long way behind breaking even. ::sigh::

Uncle Hyena
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