June 1st, 2021


Random Bits from Facebook

May 17:
So... Last night, "60 Minutes" did a story on UAP. It's worth finding, and takes less than 15 minutes to watch. And then, if you wonder what point I am making, go out to YouTube and search on "Sigma 957."
We are ants, living on a nature preserve. This is VERY Not Good. On the other hand, at least the Others seem to be Observers, rather than Harvesters. (There is no third alternative, if the Others exist at all.)

May 19:
This comes to me from Carl the Were-hamster. I may not take it quite the way it was meant, but I'm good with that. Joyce's reputation is an insult to everyone who has ever attempted to tell a coherent story.
(Meme: James Joyce slapped words onto a page the way Jackson Pollock slapped paint on a canvas." --Mike Rugnetta

May 20:
From the dredge. Significant mainly because I did the same job two days earlier this year (and my back has not forgiven me, yet).
5 Years Ago
Today I fought the first skirmish in this year's campaign of the never ending war against the ever-encroaching hideous herbaceous hordes. While battle has still not been joined on the Western Front, the battle on the Eastern Front was successful, and the creeping green horror was pushed back to its historical mid-winter boundaries. (I mowed the front lawn.)

May 23:
The world's business community continues to be completely disinterested in developing steady-state models, or in dealing with the ultimate exhaustion of particular resources.
(Meme: The world would be a much better place if getting a degree in Economics required a working knowledge of Ecology.)

May 24:
Six weeks ago, I did not know what a Reuleaux Tetrahedron was. Today, I have one in my hands. We live in magical times, when the magic works.

May 25:
This, from Jennie Cruisie, a writer who can't quite fit into the "Romance" genre, and the world is better for that. (It honors two of my favorite authors; how could I NOT disseminate it?)
May 25th, as all Douglas Adams readers know, is Towel Day, the day to flaunt your towel in memory of an amazing author, who gave the best general advice of all time: Don’t Panic.
May 25th is also, as any fan of Terry Pratchett should know, Wear the Lilac Day, in honor of the events of the Discworld People’s Revolution (see Night Watch) whose rallying cry was,”Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably Priced Love, and a Hard-Boiled Egg!” And after Pratchett’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, Wear the Lilac Day has been used to raise awareness and funding for Alzheimer’s research.
Because of this, today is the day that Argh Nation Wears the Lilac Towel in honor of these two great authors. We shall never forget (although we may be a little absent-minded at times and are easily distracted). Thank you, gentlemen, for multiple weirdly great characters in many twisting, startling plots not to mention brilliant observations on life in general and some of the funniest, smartest writing in specific. You are missed.

May 25:
Apropos of inappropriate use of the word "apropos":
Those who misuse "apropos"--
To try to sound clever, you know--
Will find that the word
Doesn't mean what they'd heard
And should really just let the thing go.

May 27:
So... After two years, I have yet to get 100 copies of "Fiddler's Rose" into circulation, but at least four people have read it TWICE. (For the record: Carl, Doug, Georgia, Stan.)

May 28:
Just spent a few hours in the company of adopted nephew Kevin. We haven't seen each other in 12 years. Wow, have I missed good conversation...
May 30:
Usagi Yojimbo's kimono is Tardis blue.
(I know. It's a common color, and this doesn't actually mean ANYTHING, but I get misty thinking about it anyway, because... Yeah.)
>>Carl Johnson
Scotland Yard blue, Pantone 2955C!
>>>>Paul Haynie
It occurred to me, after I posted this, that Usagi pretty much defines my bridge into the furry community. That is, I am furry-sympathetic, but my interest is in the non-sexual, somewhat blood-stained corner of furriness, and that is a pretty small corner indeed.

May 31:
There are two people who need to be at every cinematic story conference. One of them is a superannuated adolescent who keeps saying, "Wouldn't it be cool if...?" and the other is a jaded oldster who responds to everything "Cool" says with, "Calm down, kid..."
We finally saw "Shadow in the Clouds" last night, and my expectations were WAY too high. Essentially, their story table had at least two "Cools" and NO "Calms", and the result was a chaotic mess. There was a LOT of good material in this film, and Chloe Grace Moretz was very good, but... WOW, the dumb, it was painful.
We also watched "The Limehouse Golem", which is the closest thing to a bad movie Bill Nighy has ever made. Surprise endings that make sense, but leave you wishing you hadn't watched to movie at all, are never a good idea.