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Blood, Gore, and Other Special Effects

Three movies and some cinematic oddities...

On Saturday after work I went out to see "Hatchet", just because I was in that sort of mood. It is a run of the mill horror movie; not awful, but far from great. It had more than its share of gratuitous nudity, plenty of overdone and kind of stupid violence, and a marked indifference to plot logic. I was less than satisfied with the ending.

Today we saw "Shoot 'em Up" and "3:10 to Yuma". "Shoot 'em Up" was not nearly as much fun as the trailers promised; the were a number of cool tableaux, and some good one-liners, but the movie on the whole was rather disjointed. I got the distinct impression, as I was watching, that the director was fighting with the writer on a scene by scene basis. Watching the credits, I was amazed to find that the director WAS the writer. He must have an INTERESTING internal life...

"Yuma" was a fairly routine western, featuring Russell Crowe and Christian Bale being macho at each other. We enjoyed it well enough, though the ending was... odd. Let's just say that a bad tempered but loyal and obedient dog shouldn't be shot on a whim...

Oddities: The credits for "Yuma" had a repeated anomaly: Christian Bale's driver, personal assistant, and personal makeup artist were credited as such; Russell Crowe's staff were identified as working for his CHARACTER. Weird.

The latest trailer for "Good Luck Chuck" indicates a complete change in the marketing campaign, if not a complete refocusing of the movie. The first cycle of trailers were fairly male oriented; the new one is female oriented. Very strange...

"Hatchet" got me thinking about what my ideal horror movie would look like, and I already have an outline. I may share it one of these days...

Uncle Hyena
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