Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Second Sail of the Season

On Monday, I got up earlier than I wanted to after a bad night's sleep, and went sailing. This time I went down to Busse Lake, only about half as far as last week's Pierce Lake. I managed to get in more like two hours of sailing, but it was still a nine hour expedition; I have to work on that...

The wind was just as fluky as last week, but a LOT stronger in the gusts. The sailing was downright exciting in the gusts; on several occasions I was one wrong move away from swimming. Once again, no GPS, so I don't know how fast I was going, but I suspect we were up on plane a time or two. REALLY cool.

I managed to make a fool of myself several times; I did the lee shore thing leaving the dock, and again later when I grounded the centerboard in the middle of a tack. I also had a really stupid experience while docking; I was nearly to the dock on a broad reach in light wind, when a STRONG gust threatened to dump me. I ended up athwart the center dock with the main sheet wrapped around one of the dock pylons (I STILL have no idea how that happened). By the time I had the boat tied up and the sail down, I had managed to tear off one of the rigging staples on the aft deck.

And THEN I almost lost the Jeep in the lake. I backed the trailer into the lake, set the brake and climbed out to start the soggy practice of maneuvering the boat onto the trailer. I looked back at the Jeep, and saw that it was rocking its way into the water about half an inch a second. I jumped into the driver's seat, stomped on the brake, shifted into four wheel drive, drove out, and then tried again WITH the 4WD still active, and got the boat out of the water. Moral: 4WD is REALLY your friend on boat ramps...

Uncle Hyena
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