Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Twenty Three Years Ago...

On Thursday, October 11, 1984, I spent the evening playing Intellivision Baseball with my brother Pete, and our friends Greg and Steve. And after that, I spent my very last night in the attic bedroom where I had lived for more than a dozen years...

On Friday I picked up Dementia, and we drove to the DuPage courthouse in Wheaton, met Dementia's friends Joe and Sue, and got married. The judge had an authentic ball and chain locked to one of the chairs in his chambers, as well as a tank of piranha (he took this wedding business SERIOUSLY...). And then we drove down to Anderson, IN, and spent the night in the King's Inn, where I had lived during '76 and '77...

On Saturday we drove back to Indianapolis for our second wedding; Little Caesar's provided the food, the Reverend Bob performed the ceremony, and Clueless Tom managed to single-handedly hold up the proceedings by half an hour.

It's been a strange trip, but definitely worthwhile...

And by the way: Happy birthday to the several people whose birthdays I have missed this week (Avens, Jemma, Liz, and Shannon). Sorry; I have been a bit out of it.

Uncle Hyena
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