Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

"Journeyman" Psychology

We've been watching NBC's "Journeyman", a moderately interesting, moderately clever, moderately genre show. That is, it's a show about time travel that is geared to appeal to the non-SF savvy masses. Time travel is an invitation to disaster from a writer's standpoint, and the show depends on a level of "Deus ex machina" that simply isn't sustainable in the long run.

But... The show's protagonist is heading for an interview with a psychologist, under pain of incarceration, and this leads to some interesting speculation.

"Ok, Doc. It's like this. I have had an extraordinary experience, one I would not believe if it hadn't happened to me. In the process, I have picked up some information which has influenced my behavior. If we talk about the experience, you will decide I am crazy, because the EXPERIENCE was crazy.

"But just suppose it really happened? How could I prove my sanity to you? So I am going to REFUSE to talk about the experience, and you can use any other method you want to investigate my sanity, and then decide if you can give me the benifit of the doubt on the crazy thing that happened to me. Because, just as much as I can't PROVE it happened to me, neither can you PROVE it did not."

Unfortunately, this would only work with an HONEST psychologist. The poor bastard is doomed.

Uncle Hyena
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