Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Annual Reviews and Gunpowder

So... I plowed through a three day week, during which I managed to cobble together my annual self evaluation, which is on my list of happy events somewhere in the vicinity of dental surgery. Answering questions about how I do my job which have next to nothing to do with my job pushes WAY too many of my buttons...

Wednesday I took Clueless target shooting. He was sober and well behaved, though a bit disappointed that I hadn't brought anything bigger than .22 caliber. He is a bit better shot than I remembered him being, though that isn't saying much. He never asked me about getting the guns back, and he was happy and well behaved enough that I didn't want to initiate the inevitably unpleasant discussion.

I did manage to inhale enough powder to be sick today, though, in spite of wearing a dust mask. (And wearing a dusk mask makes the shooting harder, in addition to REALLY screwing up the Machismo of the whole thing.)

In the end I when some 26 hours without sleep, ended up sick, and am no closer to a resolution with Cluless... Rah.

Uncle Hyena
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