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Interview Meme

Morgen (brownkitty of LJ) is running another iteration of the interview meme. I asked her for questions, if she didn't mind that I would not offer questions to anyone else. This is what came up.

1)How did you come to your religion? (Or your religion come to you, if that's how it worked?)

I had an epiphany in 1990 that broke Christianity for me in a major way. I didn't actively look for a replacement, but I have always been pagan-sympathetic. I speak of the process as sliding heels first into paganism. I was finally forced to admit I was a pagan while writing the Sabbat Cycle poems in 2000 and 2001.

2)What's your favorite emotion to evoke with your writing?

This is not a meaningful question to my writing process. (Which is not an effort to dodge the question at all; I really do not think in those terms.)

3)Aside from Firefly/Serenity, what movie or series do you wish you could have made? Would you try and improve on it, or correct a particular error, and if so what is that error?

I would be thrilled to assemble a psychological space that would allow me to complete ANYTHING that people were willing to pay to read or see. I would get more emotional fulfillment out of sweeping the floors on a Joss Whedon set than I get from my current job. Hell, I would get more emotional satisfaction from sweeping the floors on a SciFi monster of the week flick.

4)If you won a ridiculously huge amount of money, would you still be involved with a mundane job? Doesn't matter if it's as an employer or as an employee.

If I were to win an enormous amount of money, I would be morally obligated to see the Viking (late 19th century reconstruction of the Gokstad ship, currently rotting away in a park in St. Charles) restored and properly housed. Other than that, I will always write. But I have no interest in commerce at any level.

5)What common cultural phenomenon is most likely to confuse you as to why someone would find it desirable?

Diamonds; designer clothes; BDSM; slash; gourmet food (though I realize that this one is due to my sensory shortcomings). I am completely mystified as to why anyone would ever want to have children, though I am glad other people don't feel this way.

Uncle Hyena
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