Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena


Dementia has been working on a secret project whenever I have not been around since sometime in November. It involved knitting, was a present for me, and was making her kind of crazy, particularly since she didn't know if I would even like it. I had no clue what it actually was...

Sometime in November I had made an offhand comment that there were NO gnoll plush toys on the market, and Dementia said that perhaps she could "gnit" one; it says something about our relationship that I could HEAR the "g"... I groaned in agony, and forgot about it.

This morning I was presented with the result of the secret project, and I CRIED. I have a sock gnoll, in a camouflage kilt, no less. Those of you who are into such crafts may appreciate that the spots were individually embroidered. And of course he came with his own collection of emeralds (actually green beads in the pouch at his waist...).


I guess he needs weapons (and a name), now...

Uncle Hyena
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