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Uncle Hyena

December 29, 2007, e-mail exchange:


There follows a short (1150 word) essay on the conceptual history of
Gnolls. I would be grateful if you would take a moment to read it, and
comment. I would really like your blessing to try to get it published,
somewhere (though I have no clue who would care, at the moment).

There are two things I want to establish with this piece; I want to
make as many people as possible aware of the roles of Dunsany, St.
Clair, and Gygax (of course) in the development of the gnoll, and I
want to establish the idea that no one owns the concept of gnolls.

I should elaborate on that. First, in taking this approach, I am under
the impression that your personal financial involvement in this matter
is long past. I have absolutely no interest in treading on your
financial toes. Second, I want to establish gnolls in the public
domain because, frankly, public domain creatures are just plain more
FUN. I have had a fascination with hyenas for years, and have been
AWARE of gnolls nearly as long, but it was not until I realized that
they were NOT proprietary to a corporate giant that they really began
to interest me.

The essay is below. Thanks again,

Paul Haynie
Greetings Paul,

I read your brief essay with interest. For my part I have no objection to
its contents.

More I can not offer.

You might contact Troll Lord Games about having the piece published in their
Crusader magazine.

Happy New Year,
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