Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Water Horse, Juno, and a Family Gathering

On Saturday we saw "Water Horse: Legend of the Deep." It was simple minded fun. The dialog and character work were good; the story was decent, though definitely aimed at a pre-teen audience. The monster effects were convincing. There were some weird continuity and detail problems... The writers were unclean on the difference between a bay and a loch, and tried out three or four different names for the body of water they were dealing with. They also never committed to the number of howitzers the artillery company had (somewhere between one and six), and the writer's knowledge of military communications was a joke. Still, most viewers wouldn't even notice half of those issues.

On Monday we saw "Juno," which left me VERY cold. On a scene by scene basis, it was a good movie; again, the dialog and character work were excellent, and there was a fair amount of humor. But the story was simply too thin to bother to tell.

On Sunday we got together with my family; my parents, both brothers and spouses, and brother Pete's (our host) four sons. It was a good time, though my mother's condition casts something of a shadow over things. Still, I LIKE my family, and never see enough of them...

After we got back from the movie on Monday, we decided to stay in; our only social option was WAY too far to travel given the weather and the amount of alcohol in the air. We watched movies and blodged about, which is a good thing, all told.

Uncle Hyena
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