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Rambo, Wilderness, Gold

First, some apologies. It's February, and I am suffering from a moderate case of my traditional February Depression. It makes me indifferent and lethargic (relative to my usual already low standards). February will end, eventually, and history predicts I will be back to what passes locally for normal...

I saw three movies last week; Dementia was only along for the third.

"Rambo": Sylvester Stallone is 61, playing playing 60, and looking 40. Steroids have been good to him. People die in horrible ways, things get blown up, the good guys win, but are really unhappy about it. This is pretty much exactly the movie it promised to be, and if that got you into the theater, you should like it. There is a nice little payoff at the end of the movie is you are familiar with "First Blood".

"Strange Wilderness": This is a stoner movie. There premise has definite potential: The Wildlife Show Guy has died, and has left the franchise to his stoner son. The result is badly shot, badly edited, badly researched, semi-coherent nature shows that significantly abuse stock footage. The show gets into ratings trouble, and the crew mounts a last ditch expedition to find Bigfoot in Mexico to save the franchise. Unfortunately, the wraparound story, while professionally shot and edited, is ALSO badly researched, semi-coherent, and significantly abuses stock footage. My after-the-fact comment to Dementia was, "If a high school freshman had turned in that story with impeccable spelling, punctuation, and grammar, I would have given him a 'C'." One of these days Ashley Scott is going to get a decent role...

"Fool's Gold": This is a fluffy treasure hunt movie. It is more firmly grounded in reality than the recent "National Treasure" offering (Not saying much, that.), and the eye candy is certainly better. It's fun fluff that delivers what it promises, and maybe a little bit more.

Uncle Hyena
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