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Semi-BC Bank

A belated movie update...

Thursday's decompression movie, by Hobson's choice, was "Semi-Pro." It was surprisingly good, which is to say that the formulaic come-from-behind sports movie that held the lame comedy together had enough heart that the comedy could be mostly ignored. In particular, there is a call to courage late in the movie delivered by Woody Harrelson that uses, "Fourth place!" as a rallying cry, and it WORKS. Kind of scary. It turned out to be exactly the movie I needed to see that afternoon.

On Friday we saw "10,000 BC" and "The Bank Job".

"10,000 BC" is a pure fantasy movie with none of the usual fantasy trappings. That is, it is a sword and sandals costume drama with ZERO historical content. It isn't BAD, it's just weak and kind of strange.

"The Bank Job" is a hoot and a half. It's a caper movie that is a little too fluffy to be a thriller, and MUCH too dark to be a comedy. We loved it.

Uncle Hyena
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