Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Welsh All Black Gnoll

A couple of weeks ago I was wandering around Neopets and stumbled on a piece of user artwork I liked. I went to the user's lookup to see if she had a gallery, and didn't find one. She did say that she took commissions, though: Only Neopets subjects, unless it was something that REALLY interested her. I sent her a message asking if she had a gallery anywhere, and mentioned that I have always wanted a gnoll in a Welsh All Blacks uniform...

Her name is Eugenia; she lives in Uruguay, and English is NOT her first language. I needed to explain "gnoll" (not too surprising) AND rugby. The image intrigued her, and she sent me a rough sketch.

And then this morning she sent me this, and it is MUCH too good not to share:


Uncle Hyena
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