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Another Bucket of Movies

I have FINALLY finished the Econ class that was guilting my brain into oblivion; let's see if I can't start posting on a more regular basis.

In the meantime:

"Iron Man" is great. Marvel had full production control on this one, and it shows. Some people are making noises that this could be the best superhero movie ever. They are not insane. (It's an uncomfortable strong statement, but "Iron Man" is unquestionably ONE of the best...)

"Made of Honor" is a pretty standard romantic comedy. If suffers from being focused too strongly on Patrick Dempsey's character; he IS the big star, but romantic comedies need more balance. And Michelle Monaghan just plain deserved more screen time.

"Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay" is a silly stoner comedy. Given those parameters, it works pretty well. Neil Patrick Harris plays a character called Neil Patrick Harris, which is not quite the same thing as playing himself.

"Speed Racer" is on the short list for silliest movie ever made. It is also pretty much guaranteed to be REALLY popular on DVD with chemical enhancement. It manages to work pretty well anyhow.

"Redbelt" is a martial arts movie that writer-director David Mamet has tried to raise to high art, or something. The result is significantly flat. Mamet used to be able to write, but apparently he has been taking his own press far too seriously.

"Prince Caspian" is wonderful. It is also largely whole cloth. They chose to rewrite my single favorite line in the whole Narnia series ("Child, no one is ever told what might have been."), but I will forgive them, because they cast Eddie Izzard as Reepicheep. The automated catapults are silly, but fun to watch. And the goat man at the portcullis is simply wonderful.

Uncle Hyena
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