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Part of the Kindred Contest

The responses I missed from the Trollhalla kindred contest, cleaned up for readability.

Very much not mine.

All goblins have green skins. They may range in tone from very light olive
green to very dark emerald green, but they're all green.


Goblins are pack creatures. They prefer to travel in packs, but are also territorial and will rumble with rival packs.


Trolls and the Formative Years:
It is difficult to speak authoritatively on the ecology of trolls and their ilk. Part of the reason for this is the varied nature of the creatures themselves. In their youth, trolls and their kin seem to owe as much to their physical environment as to their parental lineage. Indeed, "formative years" seems a much more accurate term for these fellows than most other creatures as they quickly grow and adapt to their surroundings in highly specialized ways.
For example, a troll growing up in a cramped and subterranean climate may exhibit a stooped stature and large light sensitive eyes. Long spindly limbs with strong clutching fingers and toes is common of those who grew up lurking beneath bridges. An abundance of large,solid teeth suitable for the cracking of bones is common to trollkind who were raised near a plentiful supply of livestock (the term "livestock" in this case may apply to the four-legged creatures as well as their two-legged custodians as both are preferred food for some trolls). A long and darting prehensile tongue hints of a troll who is accustomed to sorting lichen in dark places and may also warn of a predilection for riddles. The variety of adaptations seems unlimited. Perhaps the most striking thing about these adaptive traits is that offspring may very quickly come to share no common features with their progenitors. It takes but a few short generations (read this in context considering that Trolls breed rarely) to produce what may seem an entirely new species.

Nutshell: Trolls are physically quite varied.


Trelf and Trolf are two types of half-troll, half-elf kindreds, referred to, when the specific type is unknown, as a Tr'lf, or, if speaking in the plural, as Tr'lves. Those of the Trolf kindred have predominantly trollish features. Those of the Trelf kindred have predominantly elvish features. Exactly how their dominant features manifest vary from Tr'lf to Tr'lf.

The offspring of two Tr'lves is typically another Tr'lf, though it is never predictable as to whether the offspring will be a Trelf or a Trolf, regardless of the specific kindreds of the parents. It is even possible that the offspring of a Tr'lf-Tr'lf union will produce a full troll or a full elf, though these instances are very rare. Nevertheless, there is at least one documented case of a Trolf-Trelf union which produced twins, one being a full troll, the other being a full elf.

-- The Trolf wizard, Khayd'haik

Skeleton Men are not undead but living creatures with transparent skin and organs.


Ratlings are not related to rats and they often resent the comparison.


All elves fear and detest being satirised or lampooned by their fellow elves. All other dangers pale in comparison.


Rock Trolls are grey in colour. They are powerfully built and live in mountain caves.


Swamp Trolls, sometimes called bridge trolls, can stay submerged in slow moving water or mud indefinitely. After a day or two they go into a state similar to hibernation. They require no food while in this sate and may in fact continue to grow in size. Swamp Trolls can heal from serious wounds while submerged. They will often lie submerged with a foot or hand resting on one of the bridge supports and can awake immediately they sense any footfalls on the bridge. Swamp Trolls are
always extremely hungry when they awake.


Wild elves file their teeth to points, spike their hair with lime, and sport wild tribal tattoos. They spurn the use of iron and steel, but are great crafstmen in bone, stone and wood.

H'rrrothgarrr's alterego Blaen

It's a widely known fact that there are very few Trelfs and Trolfs in Trollworld, which they tend to call Trollmund. Trelfs (female) are very tall and thin, have long fingers and nails, and usually silken gray or red hair--some have a combination of both. Trolfs (male) are also tall, but their limbs are strong and they are a bit stocky, so their appearance is much more like that of a Troll than an Elf.

Tr'lfs wear Elven clothing and armor and follow Trollish traditions... meaning that while hunting for prey (they all eat like Trolls) they can sneak up on all sorts of creatures without being heard.
Since Tr'lfs are not affected by sunlight in any harmful way, but they skins turn transparent in the cold, they tend to gravitate to warm, sunny places.

Ea - The Adventuring Trelf

Goblins love magic. It is a myth that goblins will scatter at something as simple as a magical splash of light in their caves. More likely you will here a lot of "Ooooh"'s and "Aaaah"'s follwed by a quick chorus of "Hoorah! Magic user! Get it. Let's see what it's got" and "Oh mummy can I take the wizard to bits? I've never done that before." and such similar comments from the tribe.


(Trollhalla) Kindred Contest--Farie Folk.
It is a myth that the Farie kindred are not physically strong. Based on size/weight ratio they are
as strong as Trolls compared to other animals and creatures of roughly their own size.
They will never cross-breed with any other Kin, in fact it's near impossible.F'he Hh'fendril, a Farie of great power and chief of the Ff'enlsel Clan swore that if any of his people mated outside of the clan, and even worse, with any other of the smaller kindreds such as Leprechauns, they would be named as outcasts and hunted down until caught or killed.


Skeleton Men have a strong *personality (High CHR) so that they can use it to talk people of other
Kindred out of believing that they are undead before they are attacked.


Although there are many distinct varieties of Ratlings that have been identified over the centuries, most can be trace back to two major tribes: Shadow Claw and Earth Tail. These two tribes intermingled over the years and formed many other subspecies.

The Shadow Claws were the large of the two species and had black to grey pelts and were very warrior-like. Whereas the Earth Tail tribe had mostly brown to tawny pelts and were very clever -- especially with mechanical devices or spacial problems. In either case, most Ratling's paws and tail are bare of fur and are a pale to dark fleshy color. Ratling eyes are almost always black or a very dark shade of a color that makes them appear nearly black except in certain light.


Dwarves love technology. Dwarven blacksmiths are just one aspect of this kindred trait. Something about working with metal just naturally leads to the creation of machinery.

The Dwarves of Trollworld have already discovered steam power, but they keep that knowledge to themselves. There are steam-powered gates, trains, and even boats that can befound in the deep Dwarven cities where other Kindreds are never allowed to go.

--Khenn Arrth

Dwarves are afflicted with severe, permanent beer goggles. They can and do have children with trolls, giant frogs, and several types of fungus, among other things. Because of this, some of the most horrific monsters in all of Trollworld are half dwarf.


A piece of natural history that dragons have long tried to keep quiet is that avocados are to dragons what catnip is to cats. However, this is has not greatly impacted modern adventuring as

a) few adventurers carry avocados with them and
b) you do need an awful lot of avocados...

It does go some way however towards explaining the mysterious success of St George (of George's Avocado Emporium) in the dragon slaying business.


Since Tr'lfs are so long lived, they have grown into beings who crave knowledge above anything else, be it strategic knowledge for warring, questing or adventuring, or just plain old experience on which to draw for personal growth.

Tr'lfs usually sit on both extremes of the occupational scale, being either warriors who love the battle or wizards who thrive on magical prowess. But most Tr'lfs are also very creative, and some, however, are not satisfied being defined as either Warrior or Wizards. These few are rare, and are just adventurers that draw on the best qualities of their Troll and Elven ancestors to adapt to whatever fate throws at them. They take on odd jobs for personal reasons, they are drawn to recording history and usually shine as scribes and historians, they make/have friends in the most unusual places and can easily take on the most dangerous foes and still live to tell about the fight.

To be continued...

Ea - The Adventuring Trelf

Dogs are as numerous in quantity and type in Trollworld as they are on Earth. For the most part, they are the various terriers and hounds that we have here, but there are some that have abilities above and beyond what we would consider normal for a dog's abilities. It is unknown why some have these abilities, as they come in all the various breeds seemingly at random. Some are able to talk, and pick up the languages of the realm in which they exist, or the languages of their keepers. Some even have minor magical abilities and can really catch an unsuspecting "visitor" to their keeper's homes off-guard with a quick TTYF or Glue You. Trollworld dogs usually prefer to have keepers or to run in packs and are seldom loners who keep to themselves, though this has been known to happen with the occasional dog who felt very isolated and different because of their abilities. Like Earth dogs, Trollworld dogs are loyal, friendly, and just plain good companions.


"Created" or "The Created" is the preferred term for creatures given life from Alchemical or other magical means. "Artificial" is commonly viewed as a derogatory term and a value judgement.


True omnivores, Goblins will eat anything - except maybe Rock Troll. Although Elf is considered a special delicacy and dwarf wouldn't be snubbed it's still the humble cavefish that is the preferred meal.


There are many different species of Dragon, usually identifiable by their different colour. The commonest is the Red Dragon reknown for breathing fire. Its favourite food is not barbequed maiden as the stories would have us believe. It would prefer to eat cattle.


It has been said (by FishFlower) that avacados are to Dragons what catnip is to cats. And they are perfectly correct. But that is not the only similarity between a cat and a Dragon. A Dragon is also a stealth hunter, often stalking its prey for hours before pouncing, and then playing with it before consuming it. Especially if it is a human (or humanoid). They enjoy the thrill of duping the human (or humanoid) into thinking there is a chance it will get away. It is the final hopeless screams that sharpen the flavour of the meal for a Dragon.


A particular fairy kindred known as the 'dark fairies' dwells in a bleak forest they call the Proud Realms of the Fairy Dark. Dark fairies are of the same size and build as other fairies, but have a darker skin tone of blue hue and sport ragged, elongated dark blue wings. The exact size and location of the Proud Realms of the Fairy Dark are known only to the dark fairies themselves, the deities of Trollworld, and a handful of other sages. Those few that have encountered the dark fairies and lived to tell of it usually are capable of teleportation and leave the area too quickly to chart it.

Dark fairies typically wield tiny bows and arrows, but dip them in poison that cause their targets to fall asleep so the dark fairies may capture them alive. Those unfortunate enough to be captured by the dark fairies typically find themselves sacrificed during rituals to Urtgar, the Dark Earth Goddess. The dark fairies believe all other deities (including the Trollgod) to be weak in comparison to Urtgar.

Monarchy is the form of government practiced by the dark fairies. Rule passes from the current King or Queen to the first born, regardless of the gender of the first born. Any dark fairy that is a blood relative of a monarch is considered a noble. There is often much inbreeding amongst the dark fairy nobles, so as not to introduce unnecessary additional branches in their genealogical tree and thus create more nobles from those that are not already of noble blood. Surprisingly, this has not introduced an abnormal number of birth defects amongst the royalty. (If there are certain features that noble offspring exhibit, they are most certainly not considered defects unless they are undeniably debilitating.)

Only dark fairy nobles are taught to fight with weapons other than the bow and
arrow. The weapons the nobles fight with appear as smaller versions of weapons wielded by humans,
but in the hands of those trained in their use are just as deadly as the larger, human versions.

A dark fairy noble will have 5 to 100 accompanying dark fairy guards at all
times, and 1 to 20 hand-picked attendants at all times. The exact number of guards and attendants
varies depending on the noble's rank. The duties of attendants varies depending on the
whims of the noble.


The rubbery, clay-like flesh of Homunculi allows them to reshape their physical
features while keeping the same mass.


1) Male Gnolls are about the same size and strength as human males.

2) Gnoll females, who are seldom seen far from Gnoll settlements, are more than
7 feet tall and weigh close to 300 LEAN pounds.

3) Gnoll females run the show. When you say "Gnoll", Gnolls assume you mean a
female. A male gnoll is a Jack-gnoll, or just a Jack.


Humans are the most versatile and numerous Kindred in Trollworld. They aren't
the stongest, smartest, fastest, nicest, or most magical of the Kindreds, but they seem to
be pretty good at anything they turn their hands to. And, they also make excellent slaves or

--Khenn Arrth

A Dragon is a fearsome creature. Adult dragons are HUGE as a general rule.
However they do not start out that way. A newborn dragon pup is not much bigger than say, a dog
or small horse when hatched. And yet, baby dragons are rarely seen. The reason for this (aside
from living in weyrs atop tall forbidding mountains) is that a baby dragon has the added protection
of invisibility. When in danger, or when the mother leaves the nest to hunt, the young dragon will
automagically become invisible (its in the whiskers). As the dragon matures, they lose that
ability - thank the gods.
By the time a dragon hits draconic puberty they have lost the ability to automagically turn invisible.


Golden Dragons are very scarce. They are extremely intelligent. Most of then
can speak and are wizards. They conceal their true nature by shapeshifting into humanoid form.
They are 'good' characters.


It is true that there are no documented cases of female Trolves (or Trolfs, as some might call
them) or male Trelves (i.e., Trelfs). Yet the theory is held by some once-well-respected sages that
it's entirely possible for a female half-troll/half-elf to be born with troll dominant traits (as a
trolf), or a male half-elf/half-troll to be born with elf dominant traits (as a trelf). Exactly how such tr'lves (tr'lfs) would behave, especially with regards to certain preferences not usually discussed by modest persons, is a topic of much debate among certain puerile sages that have nothing better to discuss.


Unicorns are pastel-coloured daintily-built horses with silky white manes and tails. They are mostly pink, pale green, pale blue, lavender or pale yellow. Their hooves and horns are silver or gold with sparkly little gemlike twinkles.

This goes a long way to explain their terrible and dangerous temper and entire ferociousness to everyone except small females, as they blame everyone and everything else (including trees, rocks and small melons)for their embarrassing and infuriating condition. It is a mystery as to why small females are exempted from this rage ....

In their hearts, all unicorns are black.... as the Trollgod knows.


Gnolls worship two deities, a female Warrior (who teaches courage, loyalty, and
the joys of eating other kindreds), and a male Trickster (who teaches stealth, swindling, and
survival at all costs). All gnolls revere both deities, but females tend to focus on the
Warrior, and males tend to focus on the Trickster.


skelton men
They live in comunites hidden in the wilderness, but are a curious people. Some
of the youth go out and to see the world, trying to disguise themselves using makeup to appear
to have visible flesh.


Dark elves are like other elves in many ways, such as hightened senses compared
to humans, long life spans, quick and agile, but also have differences. They like deep dark
places and most can't be trusted, if they can gain something at others expense, they will.


In the deep waters of Trollworld live many mysterious and sometimes terrifying
creatures. One of these are the sholphins. These water-living mammals are believed to be
distantly related to the horrible and terribly evil Unicorn breed. They are incredibly cute creatures
with the same beautiful pastel colors making them decorative and lovely to behold. Until
you see the rows and rows of sharp teeth. Then you normally swim away, screaming (well, at least as much screaming as you can do underwater anyway). They love to torment their prey before striking the death blow. They will bobble their prey around on their cute little bottle noses (which you might
notice are quite twinkly much like unicorn horns and hooves) squeaking the cutest little
sounds, which sound kind of like laughing. Maniacal laughing. Then they will either impale you with those same cute bottle noses or rip your throat out with their rows and rows or razor sharp teeth.
They also have a distinctive fin on the top of their bodies that are the same pretty color as
the rest of them, but it seems to sparkle more than the ocean itself. A little known fact about these
terrifying creatures is that they have a crippling weakness - brightly colored balls. If you are
unfortunate enough to encounter one of the horrid creatures, pray that you are lucky enough to have
remembered your beach ball. Once it is inflated a puff or two, the sholphins become enthralled andwill swim around in circles and do out-of-water flips of joy waiting to play with the ball. Be
careful though - once they start to play with the ball they can become incredibly rough. If the
ball bursts and becomes deflated, they fly into a rage (an even greater rage than normal that is) and
will attack anything in sight. If you are ever enjoying the lovely waters of Trollworld
and see a lovely pastel twinkle fin, I recommend that you run like hell.


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