Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Capricon and Craziness

So another Capricon has come and gone. As is usual, I got sick leading into the convention (more on that later) and never really recovered. We had every intention of going down on Thursday night and staying until Sunday afternoon, but ended up not getting there until Friday afternoon and leaving Saturday evening. The con seemed pretty good, but I was unhappy enough physically that I couldn't enjoy it much.

We DID get to have some face to face conversation with the Dreaded Macdonald, he of tarkrai fame. That was very, very good; he is very much a kindred spirit, and I feel bad that I have not kept closer ties with him.

On Wednesday or Thursday I was talking to CeeCee on IM, and mentioned that I always get sick the week before conventions. She suggested I see a shrink; I responded that without respect and trust, counseling is pointless, and I don't, for the most part, do either respect or trust very well, and never when I am PAYING the other person to talk to me. This leaves me to solve the riddle on my own, though it isn't really very difficult.

I am hugely ambivalent about conventions; they represent an opportunity to do many things I truly enjoy, and to see many people that I might not otherwise. On the other hand, they involve dealing with people in large groups, which I hate, and inevitably dealing with a variety of broken people whom I would happily flush out of the gene pool.

There is also the fact that preparing for conventions takes energy I don't have, and the fact that I am pretty much ALWAYS fighting some minor bug or other, that is just waiting for me to lower my guard. The end result is that I usually turn up sick the day before the con. Usually I go; if it is boring, I spend a lot of time sleeping, and come home more-or-less glad I went. If I have a really good time, I usually spend the following week on the verge of hospitalization. Such is life.

Uncle Hyena
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