Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

Chick Flicks

Since our last installment, I have, for various strange reasons, seen, "Baby Mama" and "Sex in the City". I don't regret either...

"Baby Mama" was not the movie it was billed as, which was a good thing. Greg Kinnear is a love interest who was conspicuously absent from the trailers, and improves the story considerably. I could probably watch Kinnear and Tina Fey do inane dinner conversation for a couple of hours, and be reasonably happy. I might have preferred it to the movie they made. Signourney Weaver as a soulless business monster was the best thing in the movie, and contributed my single favorite bit (it involved a notepad, if you have seen the film).

"Sex in the City" was surprisingly watchable. The characters are shallow (not shallowly written, well written as shallow characters) and often stupid, but the dialog is good and the cast is excellent; I even found Sarah Jessica Parker likeable, after a fashion. Considering the amount of time that was spent on matters of High Fashion, saying the film was "watchable" is really pretty high praise...

Uncle Hyena
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