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Trollhalla Stuff

Ken St. Andre, creator of "Tunnels and Trolls", runs a site called "Trollhalla" ( www.trollhall.com ). There is a sort of role playing game associated with the site; you can gain experience, and improve your character, by participating on the site, and by buying T&T stuff (from anywhere; Ken just wants a copy of the receipt). You get points for logging on and posting ANYTHING on the chat board, including, according to Ken, a simple, "Ugh". This has become a something of a tradition; every day, several people post NOTHING more than an "Ugh." That isn't my style. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Ken gives bonus points for poetry...

June 10:
It's a gloomy Tuesday morning,
And I'm quite devoid of wit,
But I know I'll think of SOMETHING
Once the caffeine starts to hit.
So never mind my vacant stare
As quietly I sit;
I'm sure that I'll be conscious
If you will just wait a bit.

June 11:

What do you say
When you've nothing to say
And the time to say something arrives?
When all look to you
For a tale that is new
To help them forget their own lives?
You reach for a drink
To buy time to think,
But there's nothing but air in the jug,
So you swallow your dread
And raise up your head,
And proudly and clearly say, "Ugh."
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