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The Strangers, Get Smart, Geneva Con

Wednesday's decompression movie was "The Strangers", which was obnoxious. The writer/director was REALLY good at scene by scene suspense, but unfortunately that was really all he was good at. Scary stories need frequent breaks to let the audience breathe before they get sucked into the next bit of nastiness; this movie was just relentlessly tense, with the result that it got rather boring. I suspect that the director also used hypersonic and or subsonic trickery to make the audience physically uncomfortable; I know that he frequently rattled the camera (simulated hand held effects?) to induce a small amount of motion sickness. I would have been better off seeing something I had already watched, and LIKED...

On Friday we saw "Get Smart", and it was a great deal of fun. It was a worthy successor to the TV show, much better than 1980's "Nude Bomb." And it seemed to play well with the members of the audience who knew nothing of the show, which was good. The casting was just GREAT; Steve Carell echoes Don Adams nicely, and Anne Hathaway ALMOST matches Barbara Feldon for wryness, no small feat.

On Saturday I stuck my nose in at Geneva Con, and managed to get in a game of Tom Wham's "Missing Mining Moon" with Tom himself, Frank Menzer, Ernie Gygax, and someone else. The game is an outer space resource management game that owes a great deal to "Puerto Rico", and was a lot of fun. I even managed to win...

Along the way to Geneva Con, I took and unexpected detour, and discovered Lake Andrea, a really nice sailing lake that is only about a third as far from home as anything else I know of. I expect to be wasting large amounts of time there in the near future...

Uncle Hyena
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