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Uncle Hyena

Invisibility and Other Things

I've talked about Clueless is a master glamour-caster. Dementia has a similar trick with invisibility; she used it to avoid Clueless in the Dealer's Room at the convention. How good is it?

My chiropractor's office has an inner counter/ outer counter set up; they are two adjacent sides of a ten by ten cubicle. I was standing at the inner counter, making my next appointment when a women came to the outer counter and signed in. She was attractive, somewhat shy of 40, and seemed to project vivacity. We turned pretty much simultaneously to go through the door between the inner and outer counters, and I held the door so she could come in before I went out... and she was Dementia. I had been staring at her from a distance of ten feet for about 30 seconds, and I hadn't recognized her. And I am GOOD with faces... Scary.

Imbolc has come and gone, but since I am posting these this year, here is the Imbolc poem from my Sabbat Cycle. It was (I think) the only one of the first seven poems that was not finished for the day, mostly because I couldn't get a handle on the holiday; it didn't mean anything to me. And then I took a second look at the Christian overlay holiday: Candlemas. And I thought: Light bringers. Tricksters. THAT, I could work with.

Uncle Hyena

III) Imbolc/ Candlemas/ February 2: Trickster's Song

We brought the light from the Darkness;
We brought the fire from the cold;
Though our deeds of valor are many,
It's our deeds of betrayal you're told.
They tell you we're not to be trusted;
That our way can bring only pains;
But THEY think you're nothing but cattle,
And we want you free of your chains.
We taught you to stand on your own legs;
We gave you language and tools;
We would have you find freedom in danger,
Not wallow in safety like fools.
We know that the Light needs the Darkness
Just as much as the Darkness needs Light;
Our way winds and twists through the twilight,
With no end to the journey in sight!

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