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Society, WALL-E, and Wanted

On Wednesday I got together with cyber-nephew Paul G, and we descended on cyber-niece Erika and several friends to converse, irritate the neighbors, eat salad, play "Set", and generally have a good time. Irritating the neighbors was inadvertent and due to an extremely low threshold of irritation on the neighbor's part, but the police were involved anyway. Also present was Will from Ashland, whom I met up there last year. I have been reading his journal for a year, and regard him as a friend, but his visual image had mutated so far in my mind that it took most of an hour to figure out who he was. Sorry about that, Will.

On Thursday, I blodged away the day, and then met the lovely Lasarina for dinner; we went to Gulliver's, and the usual good time was had, slightly diminished by the fact that Gulliver's has changed hands, and is not QUITE what it once was. ::sigh::

On Friday I spent nine hours at a training class for a REALLY cool piece of software that we barely use. That is, we are only allowed to use about 5% of its capabilities as it is currently configured on our system, and we only have occasion to use it for a minute or two, two or three times a day. So: Cool software, good instructor, fairly interesting class, near zero relevance to life as I know it. Overtime, though.

On Saturday we finally got to the movies...

"WALL-E" is visually stunning, occasionally touching, occasionally funny, very Green, but overall kind of creepy and sad. It presents three different takes on life in the future, and ALL of them are horrible. WALL-E's lonely existence on Cesspool Earth is moderately entertaining; the image of pampered, useless humanity on the starship is incredibly depressing, and the idea of those pampered, useless humans trying to colonize Cesspool Earth is horrific, if you allow yourself to think about it.

"Wanted", on the other hand, is just plain fun. Mindless fun, to be sure, but fun nevertheless. James McAvoy does a great job of adding a third dimension to the central character that isn't really in the script, and Angelina Jolie is marvelous (and also manages to find significant depth) in the taciturn and fanatical Fox. Much property is destroyed; many things blow up. The best weapon of the movie, though (in spite of the film's being labeled as "gun porn"), is a computer keyboard.

Uncle Hyena
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