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Uncle Hyena

Hellboy, Verne, Dave, and Boat Follies

"Hellboy II: The Golden Army": is tolerable. It suffers from an over=large effects budget, but it certainly has its moments. There is a scene where Abe and Hellboy do a drunken Barry Manilow singalong that is absolutely priceless. The movie also suffers from having an excessively sympathetic villain; he himself was kind of creepy, but I have real problems arguing with the righteousness of his cause. (Really: Wouldn't the planet be better off if humanity just WENT AWAY?)

"Journey to the Center of the Earth" is amazingly silly, but a great deal of fun anyway. Of course, making the painfully silly fun is pretty much what Brendan Fraser does. Also, co-star Anita Briem is wonderful eye-candy with an authentic Icelandic accent and just a touch of Humphrey Bogart lisp; the combination sort of makes my brain melt.

"Meet Dave" is monumentally stoopid. The plot, such as it is, exists solely to frame the next joke, and the jokes usually aren't worth the effort. Eddie Murphy is a tolerable comic actor when he works with a director who has the balls to keep in line, but that hasn't happened in YEARS...

Saw "Hancock" again, and paid particular attention to possible symbols that would give clues as to which gods Hancock and Mary are supposed to be. Conclusion: Hancock is all eagles, Mary is sun, moon, and storm. Nothing clearer than that. Given how muddled the central myth is, this isn't really surprising. Drat.

On the boat front, I did a fair amount of work, and managed to throw my back out of whack. In the meantime, though, I have: Mounted trailer winch, mounted trailer goalposts, dismantled and redesigned trailer safety chains, rewired the Jeep's trailer lights, installed six deck clears and attachment points for the main-sheet traveler, and fabricated a main-sheet traveler. There is still work to be done, but progress is being made...

Uncle Hyena
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