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Valkyrie at Lake Andrea, X-Files, Chimps, Brothers

Movies first, even though there was nothing special this week.

"The X Files: I Want to Believe" is a pretty good two hour long episode of the X Files. If that is what you want, well and good. It had a nice, nostalgia-ridden feel, but it was nothing special. It DID send us to Wikipedia to look up, "How long has THIS been going on?" (The answer was, since 2000, when Mulder stopped appearing in every episode. Interesting.)

"Space Chimps" was pleasant but pointless. It seemed to be written at a level to baby-sit the kids rather than really entertain them, and most of the humor was fairly adult and a bit lame. On the other hand... "Oh, WHY couldn't I have been a rabbit or a squirrel or an art history major? No one expects anything special out of THEM."

"Step Brothers" is another flat comedy that I should have known better than to attend. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't very good, either. (Note to self: Will Farrell is AWFUL when he is doing comedy. Try not to forget this again.)

Now, in more important news... I FINALLY got the boat in the water on Monday. I was only sailing for about an hour and a quarter, there was next to no wind, and I got mauled by mosquitoes while I was tearing down, but I WENT SAILING. I only broke the boat a little bit in the process, and should be able to spend more time on the water next week. Lake Andrea turns out to have no significant surprises, other than the LONG, steep, narrow ramp, which I already knew about.

Uncle Hyena
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