Uncle Hyena (unclehyena) wrote,
Uncle Hyena

So far...

I went sailing on Monday, in spite of a near absence of wind. Did a slow lap of the lake, and then came home; I had had additional plans, but I was oddly burnt out. It tends to happen on the eve of any trip.

On Tuesday I drove to Michigan and had dinner with my niece Katie and her friend Rachel (who seems to have adopted me as a neo-uncle). We did the usual seafood thing, then stopped at a convenience store (where Katie wore the gorilla suit that Rachel keeps in her car; I LIKE these girls...) and spent another hour or so sitting in a local park. Many stories were told. Most of them were true. I later spent some time talking to brother Tim and wife Patti.

On Wednesday I took Katie to "breakfast" (noonish) and then drove to Indianapolis and crashed.

On Thursday I spent five hours selling games out of the Flying Buffalo booth, and then was a panelist at a "Meet Skirmisher" panel. There were eight people there who were associated with Skirmisher, and six others. Still, it was fun. I went swimming for about a half hour just before they closed the pool, and spent the time talking to a couple of guys from Finland. They had attended the San Diego ComiCon, then drove cross country to GenCon, and were flying home on Sunday. We talked games, of course...

Uncle Hyena
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