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Thunder, Rocker, Race, Bunny (and more boat stuff)

Four movies this weekend, to make up for seeing none the week before:

"Tropic Thunder" is a solid comedy. It has some great moments, and never really irritated me. It turns out I do MUCH better with humor based on blood and gore than on bodily functions...

"The Rocker" is a well executed example of a type of movie I love; it deserves a place on the shelf beside "This is Spinal Tap" and "Still Crazy". (Real rock tour movies bore me to tears, but I love fictitious ones...)

"Death Race" is exactly the movie they advertised. If that appeals to you, you will enjoy the movie; we did.

"The House Bunny" also pretty much delivers on its advertising; unfortunately, we were hoping it would rise above that, at least a bit, and it really didn't. Once again, cinematic optimism fails to pay off.

On Monday I spent a fair amount of time messing about WITH boats; I got the reefing points and the lazy jacks sorted on the Vector, and actually got the Rebel out of the garage for the first time in two years. I didn't do much with it, but I got it out of the garage, looked it over, and thought about what it needs. (Not much, fortunately.) I am planning to have the Rebel at Lake Andrea for several hours on Sunday, September 7, if the weather behaves. The Rebel is big enough to carry passengers easily, and this will be the first time it has been in the water within 100 miles of Waukegan since I have owned it. If you are local, consider coming by for a ride (details to follow).

On Tuesday I went sailing with the Vector, and had the best day this year; I was out for two hours, did two laps of the lake, and hit a top speed of 6.3 mph, which makes me suspect we were close to 8 mph at Busse Lake last fall. I managed to get a sunburn on the right side of my left leg, and the left side of my right leg. I also managed to slice an inch long gash near the base of my left thumb. It just DOES NOT PAY to forget about gravity...

Uncle Hyena
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